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Salt-Shark Foam Sprayer


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The key that makes our Salt-Shark formula work! It evenly disburses the foam in a large fan motion, covering large hard-to-reach areas in just one spray.

The Salt-Shark Foam Sprayer is an absolute must for all first-time purchases. Our carefully designed Foam Sprayer will ensure you don’t waste a single cent from other faulty sprayers in the market.

With 5 dilution settings, a wide foam spray motion and dilution instructions on the bottle, you can’t go wrong with our Salt-Shark Foam Sprayer.

This is ideal for use on boats, vehicles, marine gear, and coastal house windows that are exposed to salt water or salt spray. It is quick and easy to use.

2 reviews for Salt-Shark Foam Sprayer

  1. Andre

    Mate, picked this up at the boat show, works really well to my surprise. I set it to level 2 and sprayed my boat and trailer. Works well.

  2. Nick

    Works really well on setting 2, it didn’t suck the concentrate out really fast like my old more expensive gun. Top rate and affordable.

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