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the Highest Quality, best value salt remover

Why you need a Salt Remover?

Why Salt-Shark?



Salt-Sharks Founder & Managing Director, Taylor, has inbuilt his New Zealand values through and through in Salt-Sharks products. This, alongside the concentrate having been developed & made in New Zealand, forms a product that is led only by values and quality, not profits.

  • Best value for money on the market
  • Innovation, Quality & Integrity

100% Eco-Friendly

Upholding our Kiwi values we can guarantee our concentrates are 100% Biodegradable and our packaging is Recyclable. We are striving to make our oceans clean, and so we take pride in every sale knowing our products are helping to reach that goal.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Marine Safe

Leo Fisher (Seakiwi)

“Salt-Shark was an easy to use and affordable way to clean all my fishing equipment. High quality product that has lasted me ages with no issues. Highly recommend! “

Hugh Davies

“Picked up one of the packs at the boat show, and was so impressed with how it performed! We had a hammering and had lots of salt water on our boat, just washed it away and shined up the boat. Easy to use smells nice and will last ages. Would 100% recommend the product!”

“Keep up the work fellas!”

Quin (Kai Machine)

I’ve been using Salt-Shark for quite a while now and it has made cleaning my boat, rods and vehicles more affordable and effective after every big mission. I 110% would recommend purchasing salt shark products! As some would say “ More bang for your buck”

Mike Delijovanis

“These Salt Shark products actully deliver and are so easy to use. Can spray my car down with just ONE pump! Thanks heaps Taylor, finally a good salt remover at a fair price…”


Kathy Delijovanis

“This stuff is actually awesome for windows! Cleaned all that baked on sea salt off the windows around my batch.

A total no-brainer if you’re all about keeping your ocean views clear. Super easy to use too!”

Braden Imms

“If u wanna keep your boat looking shiny and new, Salt-Shark is 100% the way to go, and for flushing your Outboard! You really do get a top-notch product for cheap! There’s no other way to go other than salt shark!”

“Go and grab some!”

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