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The Ultimate Boatie Pack


1L Super Concentrate Salt Remover

This Super Concentrate Salt Remover removes sea salt safely from any surface. Preventing rust and corrosion with up to 200 washes per litre!

Salt-Shark Foam Sprayer

The key that makes our Salt-Shark formula work! It evenly disburses the foam in a large fan motion, covering large hard-to-reach areas in just one spray.

The Original 2.0 - Rapid Dry Towel

This is the fastest drying towel you will ever use when it comes to drying your car, SUV, truck, boat, or plane. Drying your car in as little as 90 seconds!

Equipment Protector

The perfect tool to maintain your fishing rods & reels, drones, water resistance electronic devices & much more. For low pressure & non-waterproof item use.

Engine Flush Attachment

This attachment is all you need to access the benefits of our super-concentrated formula when flushing your outboard engine. Or for pressure washer use too.

10L All Purpose Bucket

You name it, this bucket can do it! Portable toilet for the days out on the boat? Need to chuck the beers into something because the box broke?


Secure Payments

All transactions are made through secure encrypted platforms.


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Including the 1L Super Concentrate Salt Remover, Foam Sprayer, Engine Flush Adapter, 500ml Equipment Protector and the Orignal 2.0 Rapid Dry Towel, this pack will last you years! With over 100 boat washes & 100 engine flushes in the 1L Marine Protector and up to 400 Refills Per Litre in the Fishing Gear Protector, you can't find value as high as this anywhere else!

  • 1L Super Concentrate Salt Remover
  • Foam Sprayer
  • Engine Flush Adapter
  • 500ml Equipment Protector
  • Beach towel (150x75cm) Rapid Dry Towel

1 review for The Ultimate Boatie Pack

  1. Rocky

    Best investment I made for the boat,, would highly recommend this pack over buying stuff individually,, it has everything you’ll need

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