The story


SALT-SHARK keeps it simple. We are a company that upholds its values above its profits. By bringing you the highest concentrated product on the market, we strive for INNOVATION. With the best value for money and lowest per-wash price in the market, we strive for QUALITY. Keeping our products non-watered down, quality-focused and backing every claim we make, we strive for INTEGRITY. From being developed in a small home in the heart of Auckland, NZ, SALT SHARK’s founder and managing director, Taylor Shields, upholds his Kiwi values through and through. Following these values, all of the products you see are Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable and Recyclable. This ensures we can uphold our mission of creating a better tomorrow.

We provide a simple range of products that focus on the protection and ongoing battle against salt and corrosion. Protecting your Marine vessels, Vehicles, and Coastal Homes around the world. We can proudly say that our Salt Removing products provide the best value for your money in the market.

If you manage to get ahold of our products while in stock, there is no more we need to say, the quality and value prove themselves.

Our Mission

Striving to keep prices down, quality high and 100% eco-friendly focused. This allows our globally rated products to be accessible to all scopes of consumers. All whilst upholding our simple values, Innovation, Quality, and Integrity.


“At the end of the day, I’m just another kiwi bloke that loves the ocean!”

-Taylor Shields

Taylor is just like any other kiwi bloke. From fishing to jumping off wharves with his family and mates, Taylor has grown a passion for the water from a very young age. Starting in his 5th form year at Auckland Grammar School, he bought his first boat and got hooked. This was a 12ft inflatable with a 30hp Mercury on the back. Years passed and 3 boat renovations later, he reached where he is today. This is going on trips around the local islands of the Hauraki gulf, jumping off wharves, and enjoying the opportunity he has made for himself to spend time with the mates around him, but most importantly his family!

 “I couldn’t be more grateful, nor achieve what I have without the long hours fishing and learning from the man I call my hero, my Dad.”

Over these years of renovating, using and selling boats, Taylor found a problem that needed to change. A change to the poor value he was seeing in the products available to clean his boat. So he did something about it. Working countless hours outside of his full-time job as a builder, he now can introduce Salt-Shark. The Company that stands by its values through and through.

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